We were hired to take the photos at a 50th party.

Our client wanted arrival photos in front of our gold backdrop.
After the guests had turned up we then set about roaming the hall and bar area taking photos of groups, couples or guests on their own, no one was left out.

Everyone was having a great time and I was getting some great photos.

I’d stopped taking photos while the guests were eating in this break time I then started to get the props ready, inflatables blown up, wigs combed 🙂 and glasses shinny.

Once everyone had eaten I then proceeded around the hall and bar area encouraging the guests to grab a prop and strike a pose, well the drink had been flowing so I wasn’t short of a few willing volunteers.

Everyone had a great night and my client loved the photos.

If you are looking for a roaming photographer for your next event with or without props please CONTACT US