Aerial Permissions

Well, after a lot of studying and flying I have passed the PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operations), which means I can now fly a UAV (drone) commercially.

In order to ensure we had taken in what we had learned there was a lot of studying going on with Air laws, aeronautical chart reading, METARS, Air Navigation Order, CAPS and so much more. It was quite intense to say the least.

We also had a practical exam to show we were in control of the UAV and not letting it get out of hand.

Please be aware that it’s not just a matter of taking off, taking a photo/video then landing.

So whats involved to do a job:

  • Location assessment
  • Pre-Site Survey
  • Risk assessments
  • Weather
  • Can we physically do the job
  • Can we fly in the area or is a it a no fly zone
  • CAA limitations: max height is 400ft

If you have any need for aerial photos or video please get in touch so we can discuss your requierments