Diver Rescue

We’ve just released a new game called Diver Rescue, sorry there’s been no dev log on it but it’s been done reasonably quick.

Img 003

Its the sort of game where you can jump on it if you have a spare few minutes to beat your high score!

The game is a 2D game, you drive a submarine in search of the lost divers, it’s really easy as all you have to do is pick them up on the way!!
Did we say it was really easy….well, one thing you do have to watch out for is the mines and the cave floor and ceiling, if you hit any of these then it’s game over!!
The game is great fun and very addictive, if you dont believe us try it yourself, it’s free.


You can get Diver Rescue from HERE

The game is only on Google play at the moment but will be coming to the App Store Soon.