Yes you read it here first, our mobile game driving me mazy is like a phoenix and has risen from the ashes.

So what is driving me mazy, well I love maze games and driving games so I put the two together, the name came about because it was driving me crazy on how to do parts of the game then I had a Eureka moment and changed the crazy to mazy!

Aim of the game is simple get from point A to point B through the Maze, only one snag is that you are running out of fuel!
The first few levels are really simple to get round and there is also a top down map so you can see where you are but only within that area!

As you get through the levels they will start to get harder so I figured I would need to dot about a few jerry cans of fuel.
The bigger levels will also have a few surprises on the way so you have better watch out for those as they may hinder or help you on youur way round.

You can see more details on th egame HERE