We love to keep our users entertained with the games and apps we create, hopefully you find our games and apps of some use, overtime you will find our completed projects here with details on them.

Version-2-App The conversion app built here was for a Fan Information company, they basically wanted a technical calculator to convert a number of items including length,


dmm Driving Me Mazy, if you like mazes then you will love this game. Believe it or not it’s a maze game! and you will need to reach the petrol station before your petrol gauge runs out, as you go further into the game the harder the mazes are but fear not as we have given you a bit of help with a few fuel cans dotted around but there are also a few surprises along the way so watch out!


Diver Rescue, great fun game. Move the submarine around the ocean and save the divers before they disappear….but watch out, getting to the divers is not so easy!
   Whichfan.com quiz, this quiz is all about ventilation fans. If you’re in the industry then why not test your knowledge and see how well you do. Features: Multiple answers, timer and 3 lives.