Game: Dridmmving Me Mazy
Platform: Android
Type: Maze
Drivng Me Mazy has now been unleashed in to the world of Google Play store!

So what is it all about, it’s a very easy game to use thats what it is.
You start of somewhere in a maze which you can drive around at your leisure if you like, there is one small problem though….you are rapidly running out of fuel!

easy map03

Free map, Easy difficulty, Map 3!

Better put your foot down and get round the maze quick smart.

drivingmemazyLook out for the obstacles getting in your way but we have also been kind you on the larger mazes, dotted around the maze is some help for you so you can go longer, but once your help has gone then your on your own.

Do you think you have what it takes to get round the hard mazes!

Give it a go and find out!!