Hope for Children Charity

We were approached by Ellie as she was organising a charity event for Hope for Children.

Originally we decided to do this for a modest fee just to cover petrol to the venue, this was at the Masonic Hall in Gosport.

So we designed the photo and booth template from the ground up as we wanted something unique for this (we can also do this for your event) Ellie was really pleased with the design and that’s what we went with, on this occasion as there was no guest book the photos were designed for 6”x 4” format as it was only one print per visit but as with all our photobooth packages visits are unlimited.

Anyway so we got set up and ready for the start, my conscience got the better of me and we spoke to the organisers running the event, because it was a charity we decided to do it for free, even better than that, we charged £5.00 per booth visit and raised £115.00 for the charity.

After that we decided we would do our bit for charities, so if you have a charity ball, or any type of charity event please get in touch to be considered.