Removal of people

 If you are looking for professional photo retouching at great affordable prices, then you have found the perfect place.

Let our retouching professional help by removing redeye, reduce eyebags, reduce wrinkles, image straightening, removing blemishes, softening skin, remove pimples or scars we can even remove people or backgrounds depening on what you require. I’m sure we have the right service for you.
Please mention all edits you want doing within our communications. We don’t have a minimum photo quantity, so if you only want one photo ding we will do just one photo.





All edits are done by hand using the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom.

We do offer discounts on 10 or more photos.


£ 1.00

per photo

Light Correction

Red Eye Removal

Blemish Removal

Pimple/Acne Removal

Skin Smoothening

Colour Correction

Image Cropping



per photo

Merging Photos

Removing Elements

Removing People

Clothing wrinkles/creases removal

Balck and White Phot Colouring

Glare Removal

Photo masking for background removal

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