Why have photos, negative or slides converted to digital media, well for one reason it’s the best way to increase their life, if you have slides dating back to the year dot why wouldn’t you want to preserve your families history!

At Pixeldogmedia we can scan in photos, negatives or slides at high resolutions and transfer them to DVD for you to view anytime, we can also create a slideshow for you which can be viewed on any DVD player.

Now for the older generation who wish to view their photos why not treat them to a DVD with a slideshow, all they would have to do is insert the DVD and click on play, simple.

Alternatively we can supply the photos on an SD memory card and this can be viewed on a digital photo frame, no buttons to press other than to turn it on, these gift ideas are great for all and you can sit back and reminisce over the good times knowing your memories are now stored and kept safe, the photos can also be printed off if you wish or put on to a personalised gift.

Once the photos, negative or slides have been put onto digital media a whole new world opens up with what you can do with them.

Scanning negatives photo and slides to digital media makes perfect sense and keeps your family history going, as generations are born they can look at the past because you saved the photos.
Negatives and such like will deteriorate over time so you will loose these memories.

If you are interested in our scanning services please get in touch.